The Best Wellness Apps for A Calmer & Happier You

Technology can help us lead healthier and happier lives in today’s world. Thousands of wellness apps are available, so choosing which ones to download is tough! In this blog post, I will bring to you the top wellness apps that can enhance your physical and mental health so you can smile more often.

Evidence shows that digital wellness and mental health apps make tracking your health and well-being more accessible. I have tested all these apps to bring you the best ones.

I have selected apps on the major categories that compose your physical and emotional well-being. Each app offers unique and valuable features, so you’ll find one that suits you best. Using these wellness apps, you can easily monitor your progress and make informed decisions about your lifestyle to reach your health and wellness goals.

Here are the best wellness apps to help you stay in shape, eat right, look good, sleep well, and be mindful.

What Are the Best Wellness Apps?

The best wellness app depends on your personal goals. Considering you’re a complex individual with multiple interests, I have compiled the top wellness apps in several categories. Do you want to exercise more? Eat more kale? I’ve got you covered.

Let’s begin.

1. Best Fitness App: MyFitnessPal

Screenshot of MyFitnessPal homepage showing a fruits bowl and a cup of coffee.

Overview of MyFitnessPal

It’s no secret that MyFitnessPal is one of the most popular fitness apps out there. This app integrates with many health and fitness devices and lets you track your progress along the way. With MyFitnessPal’s extensive food database, users can track their caloric intake easily. Users can also set goals and track their progress with its wide range of features. In addition, MyFitnessPal has a robust community of users who can motivate and support one another.

The Science Behind MyFitnessPal

Health and wellness apps like MyFitnessPal are changing how we track our eating habits and set nutrition goals. Recent research in Nutrition and Dietetics Methodology shows that MyFitnessPal has good validity for tracking key dietary factors like calories and fiber intake (Teixeira et al., 2018). For many people, using an app like MyFitnessPal allows them to see their possible future self – someone who has reached their health and fitness objectives through careful diet tracking.

Key Features Users Love About MyFitnessPal

  • Keeping your nutrition and fitness info in one place is super convenient.
  • I love this fitness app because it’s easy to use, user-friendly, and affordable (free).
  • Multiple aspects of your goals, including macronutrients and weekly weight loss/gain, can be adjusted.
  • It can be mastered for many fitness goals with consistent effort.
  • Reviewing data from the past gives you a chance to fine-tune your workout.
  • This workout app has stood the test of time with a large following of motivated individuals who truly value it as a real fitness pal.
  • We all need accountability, and MyFitness Pal is an excellent tool for that purpose.

2. Best Nutrition App: MyPlate Calorie Counter

Screenshot of MyPlate Calorie Counter app download page showing a fork and knife.

Overview of MyPlate Calorie Counter

MyPlate Calorie Counter helps users to unlock healthy habits by acting as the ultimate nutrition companion. Bland meal plans become things from the past, replaced by customized nutrition that fits your unique needs. I love how the app empowers you with daily tips so you can keep track of your food and calorie intake and set achievable exercise goals without feeling overwhelmed. 

The Science Behind MyPlate Calorie Counter

Recent findings in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics uncovered a meaningful connection between keeping an eye on what we eat and triumphing in our weight loss goals. The 2019 study found that people who used apps to count the calories they consumed and faithfully jotted down each meal or snack generally lost more weight.

Key Features Users Love

  • It is a reliable and well-loved app that users have used for over a decade, so you can count on its quality for the long run.
  • Not a steep learning curve as it’s user-friendly, with a sound library of existing foods and the ability to scan barcodes.
  • It tracks calories, nutrition, exercise, and water consumption and allows you to create your own meal plan.
  • Tons of testimonials of successful experiences losing weight using the app 
  • The barcode scanner is a game and time-saver.
  • Offers a generous free plan that works for the health goals of many.

3. Best beauty app: Sephora

Overview of Sephora App

Sephora is the best beauty app I’ve tested by far. Users can easily shop for cosmetics, skincare, and more from the convenience of their mobile devices. Sephora makes finding the right product easy with its extensive selection of products from top beauty brands. The app also has helpful features like personalized product recommendations, tutorials, and reviews that make spending your beauty dollars a fluid experience. 

The Science Behind Sephora App

A study in the Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics examined how augmented reality (AR) apps influence consumer purchases in the fashion and beauty industry (Wang, Ko, & Wang, 2021). Beauty apps like Sephora encourage exploratory shopping behaviors, increasing your desire to add things to your cart.

The sensory experiences of try-on beauty apps make online shopping more exciting and like an adventure and motivate purchases. One industry insider said, “Apps allow potential buyers to ‘try before they buy’ without leaving home.

Key Features Users Love

  • The Sephora app is user-friendly and very easy to navigate for people without technical skills.
  • Has a massive catalog of products from luxury to indie brands, with something for every taste and budget.
  • Powerful search and filtering capabilities let you customize Sephora’s stock to your specific needs.
  • Super simple interface to track orders and access promotions.
  • Online-exclusive items are readily available via the app with same-day delivery.
  • Very accurate suggestions based on your Sephora history make it easy to find new products to try.
  • According to dozens of raving reviews, the app’s foundation shade-finding feature has become a favorite, as users always find what suits them best.

4. Best Sleep App: Calm

Overview of Calm App

Calm is an excellent option if you’re looking for an app to help you regulate your sleep cycle and wake up smiling like a teenager in love. Calm is packed with sleep-inducing activities, from legendary bedtime stories to guided meditations and relaxing sounds, all optimized to make you drift off quickly. Calm could become the sleep coach you didn’t know you needed.

The Science Behind Calm App

A study published in JMIR Mhealth Uhealth in 2019 found evidence that mindfulness meditation apps like Calm can reduce stress and promote wellness among college students.

Calm users exhibited significant decreases in perceived stress and increased mindfulness and self-compassion, with moderate to large effect sizes (Huberty et al., 2019). These mental health benefits persisted even after the intervention period ended.

Key Features Users Love

  • This meditation app stands out because of its attention to detail and wide range of options, including moving meditation, wisdom lessons, humor, sleep stories, and more.
  • The breathing exercises and diaphragmatic breathing techniques are easy to implement and help users unwind.
  • The app benefits people with different struggles, such as OCD, panic, anxiety, etc.  
  • Sleep stories, including adult and kid-friendly options, are constantly praised by big and small users.
  • Ten-minute meditations and stretching exercises are perfect for busy people.
  •  Dozens of happy customers report feeling calmer, more relaxed, and able to get a good night’s sleep.
  • The app has a beautiful design, soothing sounds, and easy to listen to narrators.
  • The app works smoothly and is available for free with some health insurance.
  • Its use brings a sense of security and connection to childhood as the worries of adulting vanish while you use it.

5. Best Mindfulness App: Headspace

Overview of Headspace

Headspace is arguably the most popular mindfulness app on the market. Its comprehensive suite of guided meditation, sleep sessions, and mindfulness exercises helps you stay present, reduce stress, and cultivate a zen attitude we all clearly need from a health app to thrive in these difficult times. It also includes personalized programs you can tailor based on your specific needs and seasons of life. Headspace interface is easy to navigate, and taking advantage of its free trial is a worthy experiment as it could change your life. 

The Science Behind Headspace

Drawing from the research by Wen et al. published in “Academic Psychiatry” volume 41, not unlike taking spoonfuls of medicine, house staff in the medical field can potentially sweeten their busy workdays with a surprisingly simple supplement: mindfulness (Louise Wen, Timothy E. Sweeney, Lindsay Welton, Mickey Trockel & Laurence Katznelson, 2017).

This study’s approach to wellness gave healthcare professionals the task of using a mental health app. Instead of catching up on sitcoms or squeezing in a digital game, these doctors were weaving regular doses of mindfulness practice into their typical day-to-day using the Headspace app. Outfitting mental fitness with the same portability as a pair of running shoes, this app-equipped journey into mindfulness resulted in a significant uptick in positive affect and mindfulness scores.

Key Features Users Love

  • The lessons on mindfulness and meditation are straight to the point and beginner-friendly. 
  • Headspace coaches come from various backgrounds and are passionate about their work, so you can choose one who vibes with your personality.
  • Families, kids, and people with specific needs like pain and insomnia have specific programs designed for them.
  • The Radio Headspace podcast offers valuable daily tips that reinforce the teachings of the app.
  • Dozens of reviews manifest that with consistent use, people feel they’ve grown into better persons and learned a lot about themselves and the world around them.

What Is a Wellness App? 

A wellness app is a mobile application designed to help users improve their physical and mental health. Its purpose is to provide users personalized tips and advice on nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress management, and tools for creating and maintaining healthy habits no matter who they are or where they live. These apps can also offer access to online communities, where users can connect with peers working to fulfill similar goals, which creates a sense of belonging that empowers them to achieve new heights.

My Take

I have shown you the best wellness apps to be healthy and build long-lasting beneficial habits. I believe, and science does, too, that wellness apps can become a trusted companion in our daily challenge to become a better version of ourselves.

Whether you’re looking for help managing stress, tracking nutrition, increasing physical activity, or getting a better night’s sleep, now you know what apps to consider the next time you visit the app store or google play store. Remember to consult with your doctor for more guidance. 

Serg Valencia

Serg Valencia

Serg Valencia is a Longevity Ghostwriter and Master in Neuroscience empowering longevity pioneers to communicate their life-extending vision.

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