How Social Marketing Works in Health Care

How social marketing works in health care? It relies on various channels to reach out to patients and convince them to change their behavior. You can do this through multiple means such as online ads, social media posts, or even personal interactions. The goal is to get people to make healthier choices, whether quitting smoking, exercising more, or eating better.

People want to feel empowered to make better health decisions, and social marketing can help make that happen. By providing accurate and timely information, a healthcare marketer encourages patients to make the changes they need to improve their health.

Public health campaigns have used social marketing to significant effect. For example, campaigns to get people to quit smoking or use seat belts have been highly successful. These campaigns used a variety of channels to reach out to people, and they were able to change behavior because they provided accurate information and gave people a sense of control.

Social marketing can be an effective tool for healthcare providers to improve their patients’ health. It can be used to reach out to patients through various channels and provide accurate information to help them make better choices.

Crucial To Your Healthcare Marketing Strategy


One of the most critical pieces of the healthcare marketing puzzle is social media marketing. Social media is one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal to reach and engage your audiences. 

For a potential patient, an active social feed increases trust, empathy, confidence, and the likelihood that they will use your services. Healthcare is a personal industry, and social media is the perfect platform to show that you are a compassionate, trustworthy, and reliable provider.

Your Best Health Communication Propagator 

Social marketing is a process of creating, executing, and measuring communications campaigns to change or maintain people’s behaviors for the better. Social marketing is often used in health care to improve patient education and outreach, prevent disease, and health promotion.

How does social marketing work in health care? 

Social marketing in health care typically follows a four-step process: 

  1. Research: The first step is to conduct research to identify the target audience, understand their needs and motivations, and determine what barriers exist to changing their behavior. 
  2. Planning: The second step is to develop a social marketing plan that outlines the goals and objectives of the campaign, the strategies and tactics to be used, and the budget and timeline. 
  3. Implementation: The third step is to implement the social marketing plan, including developing educational materials, conducting outreach activities, and launching marketing campaigns. 
  4. Evaluation: The fourth and final step is to evaluate the effectiveness of the social marketing campaign by tracking measures such as changes in knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors.

What are some examples of social marketing in health care? 

Social marketing in health care can take many different forms, but some common examples include patient health education campaigns, disease control programs, and healthy lifestyle initiatives.

A successful social marketing intervention can take many forms, like tackling a specific health issue, like smoking, changing behavior, like reducing the consumption of alcohol,  promoting human services, like COVID-19 vaccines, or increasing patient engagement in specific populations like older adults.

Patient education campaigns 

Social marketing can be used to develop patient education campaigns that raise awareness about a particular disease or condition, promote early detection and treatment, and provide tips for self-care. 

Disease prevention programs 

Social marketing can also be used to develop disease prevention programs that encourage people to get vaccinated, adopt healthy behaviors to reduce their risk of developing a disease, and get regular check-ups and screenings. Social media platforms were particularly effective during COVID-19 lockdowns in spreading valuable public information.

Healthy lifestyle initiatives

In addition, social marketing can promote healthy lifestyle initiatives such as eating a balanced diet, being physically active, and quitting smoking. Mass media has been a powerful driver of promoting behaviors. The modern social marketer knows that and tries to leverage this influencing power through social networks and other practices when they design digital marketing campaigns targeting the healthcare industry.

Your Turn

If your healthcare organization needs help crafting compelling Health Care Social Media Marketing campaigns, please reach out, and my team will help you share your story and social change with your outstanding services. Your healthcare brand changes people’s lives. Don’t be silent about your value.

Serg Valencia

Serg Valencia

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