Healthcare Marketing Consultant


Hi, I’m Serg Valencia. I’m a Healthcare professional with 12 years in the industry.

As a Marketing Consultant, it’s been my pleasure to help Healthcare business owners find better ways to communicate with their community and make a difference.

Healthcare organizations have the power of changing people’s lives for the better. However, Healthcare business owners often struggle with finding the proper marketing channels to make a lasting impression and serve more people.

The Marketing discipline doesn’t help, by the way. Every day there seems to appear a new tactic that promises to be a game-changer.

The reality is you don’t need to master 17 strategies to share your message; you need to find where your people are first and then take strategic action to connect with those who need you the most.

My purpose is to help you get a fresh perspective about your Marketing Strategy, so you don’t waste energy on activities that don’t add value to your Healthcare organization.