7 Best Customer Communication Management Tools [2021 Guide]

7 Platforms Reviews

Customer Communication Management tools help companies handle information in the most effective way possible to satisfy their customers and generate more businesses.

I have reviewed 7 of the best tools for Customer Communication Management.

Please continue reading to learn how to be more effective with the help of powerful platforms created to help you generate more revenue and make your life simpler.

What Is Customer Communication Management?

Customer communications management (CCM) improves the creation, distribution, management, and retrieval of outbound communications.

Outbound communications include materials used for Marketing, Public Relationships, customer notifications, claim correspondence, and bill and payment notifications. 

These interactions can happen through a wide variety of media, such as physical documents, email, SMS, Web pages, and Social Media.

Companies use CCM solutions to improve outbound communications with business partners, regulatory agencies, and, most importantly, customers.

What Are The Best Customer Communication Management Software?

  1. Front – Overall best Customer Communication Management tool for SaaS companies and entrepreneurs.
  2. Podium – Excellent Customer Communication software that allows you to run almost your entire company from a single inbox. Best for e-commerce and lean companies.
  3. RingCentral Engage – Best Customer Communication platform for remote companies with a team of customer support experts in the field.
  4. Adobe Experience Manager – Best CMS for large companies that want to centralize their digital assets and deliver individualized experiences across different markets and channels
  5. DemandHub – Best Customer Communication Management Software for the Healthcare industry.
  6. Trengo – Best Customer Communication Platform for Educational Institutions
  7. WATI– Best Customer Communication Software for companies that communicate with their customer base mostly via WhatsApp.

Front – Arguably The Best Customer Communication Management Tool


The Front platform is a customer communication management software that allows companies to manage the customer experience at scale.

It is a hub that centralizes the customer journey allowing teams to manage every communication touchpoint with the simplicity of email, the power of automation, and the resources of a CRM. All from one dashboard.

Top Benefits

  • Manage emails, day-to-day activities, and messages from every channel from one Inbox.
  • Prevent delays in follow-ups with prospects with increased visibility of tasks and deliverables.
  • Design automated workflows that accelerate the velocity of inbound and outbound communication.
  • Empowers Sales and Customer Success Managers to keep an eye on the progress of the sales cycle.
  • Create internal chats with multiple teams to improve customer engagement.
  • Automate tasks and assign them to members of your team based on conversations.
  • Use customer data to discover helpful insights with the assistance of powerful analytics.
  • Integrates with Salesforce and multiple CRMs to collect more data when needed.


Front offers a Starter plan for just $19 per month/user for small businesses with teams with less than 10 members.

For businesses with more team members or requiring advanced automated workflows, Front will customize a Prime or Enterprise package according to the company’s specific need.

My Take

When you live in your Inbox, you want it to be a pleasurable experience, and Front delivers. 

Front is ideal for teams that want to make teamwork more fun by improving internal communication and increasing visibility to every customer interaction, resulting in faster response times and less back and forth messaging. Additional points for the high regard in regulatory compliance.

Podium – A Powerful Customer Communication Platform That Can Run Your Entire Business


Podium is more than a CCM Software (Communication Management Software) is an Interaction Management platform that allows businesses to manage their customer communication channels from a central dashboard.

Teams can manage leads, gather customer reviews, collect payments, chat with prospects, and many other activities that enhance the customer experience from one Inbox.

Top Benefits

  • User-friendly platform to connect customers to employees in multiple communication channels.
  • Perfect for retail by prompting customers to quickly leave Google reviews when they are happy at the moment of the purchase.
  • Increase customer engagement with the ability to chat on your website via Podium.
  • Texting customers turn into a faster turnaround for sales teams.
  • Reduce calls to stores by encouraging texting while also reaching a generation that prefers text over voice.
  • Create payment links on the go via text to increase revenue. 
  • Manage reviews and messages from multiple locations from one Inbox.


Podium is more than just a Customer Communication Management tool; it’s a platform that allows you to run an entire business operation if you choose to, so they offer custom plans according to the needs and requirements of each business, whether small or large enterprises.

My Take

Podium is perfect for local businesses that want more Google Reviews, reach more leads via text, and manage their communication with customers from a single dashboard.

With Podium, a single person can reply to messages from 10+ different locations faster than ever, allowing businesses to scale and simultaneously deliver better customer service.

RingCentral Engage – All-In-One Customer Experience Platform 


RingCentral Engage is a customer communication tool that enables companies to manage all their digital customer service channels from one central platform.

Benefiting from using a unique interface, companies increase their response speed and allocate resources more efficiently.

As a result, customer communication becomes a more fluid process, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and internal efficiency gains.

Top Benefits

  • Improves response time to customers’ requests by routing them to the right person using artificial intelligence.
  • Chat with customers via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and in-app messaging on any iOS or Android device from a single dashboard.
  • Perfect for remote teams allowing to route and forward calls as needed.
  • Eliminates the need for cellphone calls, replacing it with VoIP phone dialing.
  • Collect data from every interaction to evaluate support quality, responses times and to identify detractors and fans.
  • Create automatic feedback surveys to make better data-based decisions.


RingCentral Engage offers three plans: Basic, Advanced, and Ultimate. They will customize each plan according to your team member’s needs.

The Advanced plan integrates with most CRMs, so it’s optimal for most businesses. The Ultimate package is the best choice if your company requires advanced dialing capabilities.

My Take

RingCentral Engage is perfect for remote teams with experts across multiple locations as it creates a bridge to reach anyone instantly.

It frees agents with chatbots and automation and connects with almost every tool imaginable.

Adobe Experience Manager – Best Content and Experience Management Tool For Large Companies


Adobe Experience Manager allows you to create and optimize digital experiences across all channels — including web, mobile apps, digital forms, and social media.

Its power lies in letting you design experiences that rely on content to deliver unique messages to multiple customers in all digital channels.

Adobe Experience Manager is a content management tool capable of delivering personalized communication at scale.

Top Benefits

  • Adobe Experience Manager is both a content and asset management tool so you can streamline your content sourcing, creation, and personalization from one platform.
  • It’s an end-to-end communication solution allowing the creation of reports, workflow management, connect to data warehousing and analytic providers.
  • Create and manage multiple versions of your site in different languages without being a developer. Perfect for entrepreneurial marketers.
  • Speed up your content creation with artificial intelligence that aids you in choosing the perfect asset from your library.
  • Create forms for every device to deliver personalized documents and build a more individualized customer relationship with each unique customer.
  • Increase customer correspondence turnover with auto form filling.


Adobe Experience Manager will create a custom plan according to your enterprise needs and requirements. They offer multiple addons and functions, so it makes sense that they customize their offering.

My Take

Adobe Experience Manager is perfect for companies that want to empower their non-technical Marketing teams by creating personalized content at scale.

Adobe Experience Manager aligns your digital experiences across channels by adapting your content to each device, customer, and need imaginable.

DemandHub – Customer Communication Software For Healthcare Companies


DemandHub is a powerful customer communications management tool. 

It brings together the immediacy and convenience of texting with the needs of modern businesses that require instant feedback to satisfy their customers.

It’s a great software to collect customer reviews and attract new business by increasing ranks in Google.

Excellent for healthcare companies that need to communicate fast and easily with patients to schedule appointments, collect payments, and gather feedback and reviews.

Top Benefits

  • Improve communication with patients in the way they prefer, via text, all from a single dashboard.
  • Grow your practice by meeting patients where they are by allowing them to communicate via text whenever they decide.
  • Collect Google and Facebook Reviews easily by sending links instantly when your patient is more satisfied. 
  • Schedule appoints, send reminders, collect payments, all via text and from the same Inbox.
  • Improve your customer service with patient feedback.
  • Create group chats to manage your communication according to every patient’s need.


DemandHub offers a free demo to test drive their platform and adjust it to your needs. Then they will create a custom plan for your company.

My Take

DemandHub is perfect for Healthcare companies that want to grow their practice. 

Patients prefer texts, and you should take advantage of that.

It improves your relationship with your patients, reduces time making phone calls, and saves you from writing emails no one reads. 

It is a great tool to attract more patients as your visibility in Google and Facebook increases as you consistently get more reviews with the help of DemandHub.

Trengo – Best Customer Communication Platform For Educational Institutions


Trengo is a complete customer service platform designed to empower seamless communications in multiple channels to offer a consistent customer experience wherever the customer is.

Messaging is a breeze when you handle SMS, Email, Whatsapp, Voice, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram from a single inbox. All your customer communications consolidate to form a central hub of customer service excellence.

With the power of automation, you can modify Trengo to your own needs, channeling requests to different teams, delivering self-service replies when needed, and basically, making sure that the right person handles every request. Every customer gets the support required at the exact moment.

Top Benefits

  • Manage all your internal and external communication from a single inbox that reaches every channel you need.
  • Collaborate with your remote team by tagging your colleagues when needed and creating group chats for different projects and goals.
  • Increase operational efficiency by using self-service automation and chatbots that power your site to become a 24/7 customer service active hub.
  • Create an online help center that serves as a knowledge base with interactive documents and multi-language support.
  • Engage with website visitors with live chat to generate more leads or upsell customers.
  • Powerful omnichannel communication tool with a solid open API.


Trengo has three plan options to choose from: Grow, Scale, and Enterprise, from €15 to €60.

The Scale plan offers more than 50 communication channels, and it’s the best for most businesses.

My Take

Trengo is ideal for educational institutions that want to unify their customer communications into one convenient central Inbox.

It’s simple to set up, has excellent support, an open API that customers can use, and most importantly, it delivers as a customer engagement tool by enabling companies to respond faster to customers where they are.

WATI – Best CCM Solution For WhatsApp Communication


WATI is a customer communication management tool that is built on WhatsApp’s Official Business API.

It’s ideal for reaching customers that prefer to communicate via WhatsApp. 

You can streamline your whole Sales and Customer Service strategies using WATI’s powerful no-code builder to create chatbots and sequences to start engaging with customers and prospects.

Top Benefits

  • Consolidate your whole customer service into one phone that manages ordinary requests via chatbot and assigns special requests to agents when needed.
  • Automate messaging to schedule communications that allow users to register for your events.
  • Multiply your productivity by allowing multiple agents to share a team Inbox. Hence, they handle various locations from a centralized dashboard.
  • Measure your agent’s performance and identify bottlenecks in response times and service.
  • WATI integrates with the most used tools so that you can pull data from Google Sheets or insights from your CRM.


WATI has two types of plan options: WATI CRM, which includes five agents and a basic chat builder, and WA API Gateway, which allows companies to customize and develop their custom bots.

Both plans cost $40/month when paid annually.

My Take

WhatsApp users outnumber text users in some countries, so WAPI is perfect for teams that use WhatsApp as their primary customer communication channel. [1]

I would recommend WAPI if you want to save time by automating repetitive tasks and optimizing the use of your support team while at the same time creating a seamless experience for your customers.

Wrap Up

As we can see, the CCM market is a rich niche where companies constantly innovate, trying to increase customer retention by adapting their communication to every business user in every different channel.

I will keep updating this guide as the reviewed cloud products adapt to a market that never stops evolving but always wants to increase customer loyalty, a healthy goal that Customer Communication Management Tools help achieve.

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