48 Demand Generation Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Pipeline Fast [2021 Guide]

48 Tactics For High-Quality Leads.

I have collected 48 strategies to supercharge your Demand Generation Marketing efforts. 

Please continue reading and discover how to reach more prospects today!

What Is Demand Generation Marketing

Demand Generation Marketing (Demand Gen for short) consists of all B2B Marketing and Sales initiatives targeted towards generating interest in your company’s product or service.

Getting prospects interested in your product, converting them into customers, and retaining them for the long term are demand generation objectives.

It is important to remember that demand generation is not just about uncovering prospects who already exist. It is about attracting the interest of customers who do not know anything about you or your company!

1. Propel Your Demand Generation Campaigns By Placing Calls To Action Everywhere

Nothing happens if the prospect does not take action.

To advance your funnel, you need a clear CTA at each point on your website. 

Include a CTA in your email signature as well.

2. Modern Demand Gen Requires Testing Different Lead Magnets

You can’t keep doing what has worked before. You’ve got to test your lead magnets.

Markets change too fast to afford you the luxury of not testing.

3. Measure Lead Generation Campaigns With Tools

Use tools like Unbounce to quickly test landing pages and collect data in case you need to pivot.

Use heat maps to understand how your prospects navigate your campaigns.

Leave nothing to chance.

4. Inbound Marketing Constantly Evolves And So Should You

Keep up with content trends: create short-form explainer videos, cheat codes, share Google Docs templates. Keep your eyes and your content creation factory open.

5. Your Marketing Strategy Is A Living Organism

Falling in love with the success of your marketing strategy can be a costly mistake.

Marketing channels and audiences are continually evolving, so remaining static is an offense. Evolve along with your prospects.

6. Your Demand Generation Strategy Will Suffer If You Don’t Leverage Your Resources

Repurpose your efforts. Your blog post can turn into a webinar Masterclass.

Your How-To-Guide can be used as an email-based course.

Optimize time and resources to reach multiple channels at the same time.

7. Launch A Demand Generation Campaign On Linkedin

  • Design a polished company page and update it regularly.
  • Publish stories that show your target audience being successful with your product.
  • Use advertising to promote your viral content and generate buzz.
  • Target high-value leads with your content or paid ads to product landing pages.
  • Use tools to create outreach campaigns via email or InMails with Linkedin Sales Navigator.

8. A Great B2B Marketer Is A Curious Marketer

The level of curiosity you possess as a B2B marketer determines the level of success you will achieve.

A passion for exploring new paths and a willingness to keep learning are the keys to success.

9. Use Social Media As a Market Research Laboratory

Track your competitors’ social feeds and gather data on complaints and issues their users encounter to use it as ammo for your campaigns. 

Contact unsatisfied customers from your competitors and offer them a demo.

10. Demand Generation Campaigns That Are Not Measured Are a Wasted Opportunity

An effort to generate leads without measurable objectives is of little use since we cannot determine whether the campaign was successful. 

Campaigns are a means to an end, in this case, increased awareness and more leads.

11. Marketing Automation Is Your Friend

Following up with B2B leads must not be left to chance or human memory.

Well-crafted email sequences and other automation tools increase conversion rates.

12. Content Marketing Will Never Go Away

Quality content is in High Demand. 

Content marketing might be the less expensive way of positioning yourself as an authority.

13. B2B Demand Generation Requires Internal Support To Succeed [It’s a Long-Term Strategy]

The effectiveness of a demand generation campaign cannot be evaluated by a single post on your blog.

Marketing strategists must convince managers that their investment today will pay off in the long run. 

Tactics are not enough. You must build support for demand campaigns within the company.

14. Brand Awareness Is a Daily Task

Each time you interact with your market, you are demonstrating the essence of your brand.

A single campaign is not sufficient. The entire company must be involved in this effort.

15. Personal Demand Generation Tactics That Work

  • Sending seasonal emails.
  • Writing personal letters to customers.
  • Sending personal postcards.
  • Attending virtual/in-person meetups. 

16. Why Should You Build A Demand Generation Program

Improvisation is not the way to grow a company. 

A demand generation program does not have to be highly complex.

Demand Generation Marketing programs create virtuous cycles within companies when their objectives are shared and valued by diverse teams.

17. Generating Demand Is A Team Sport

Marketers shouldn’t hide behind closed doors crafting their demand generation marketing experiments.

It’s tempting, but it leads to misaligned assumptions. 

Build internal teams and learn more about your product and your customers. 

You never know enough.

18. How To Reach Your Target Audience Via Paid Ads

  • Use the power of remarketing to recapture lost leads.
  • Match PPC landing pages to the stage of awareness of your leads.
  • Don’t ignore Bing (it’s less expensive)
  • Why don’t you advertise on Gmail? (not enough people are doing it)
  • Map popular authority sites in your niche. Can you place an Ad there?
  • Sponsor a popular podcast in your niche.
  • Sponsor a widely read Newsletter from your industry.
  • Sponsor a Forum where your prospects hang out.
  • Advertise in magazines in your market segment.

19. Build A Marketing Team That Reduces Friction For Customers

Doing business with your company should be a simple process for your prospects and customers.

Your website must be easy to use. Your onboarding process is straightforward, and that every interaction with your company is infused with positivity. 

Your Marketing team must simplify the lives of your customers.

20. Being A (Great) Marketer Is Being A (Lifelong) Learner

A marketer who wishes to achieve success must continuously learn about:

  • Social trends
  • Communication channels
  • Copywriting
  • Psychology
  • Product Management
  • Technological advances
  • And so much more.

21. Adopt Copywriting As One of Your Favorite Marketing Tactics

Test different messages on your landing pages, product pages, and pricing.

Match your copy with your customer’s natural language to increase conversion rates.

Talk in the language of your prospects if you want to attract them.

22. Email Marketing Still Belongs In Your Marketing Strategy

Cold email works, despite its anti-popularity.

Make your emails warmer by targeting interested prospects.

Use tools to identify the companies visiting your website. 

Then create targeted outreach campaigns via email and on Linkedin to these leads.

Adjust the messaging according to the content they consume.

23. Creativity Has A Place In B2B Demand Management 

Don’t shy away from creative outreach methods. 

Most B2B companies do the same kind of outreach campaigns.

It’s allowed for you to differentiate from everyone else and try new ways to spark interest. 

Demand Generation Marketing is about creating awareness; the same old doesn’t work.

24. Digital Marketing Is a Cooperative Sport

Collaborate with non-competitors in your same niche.

Create webinars, ebooks, or events together.

Publish on each other’s blogs. 

Amplify your presence by being on someone else’s email list.

Your company won’t grow by isolating itself.

25. Don’t Ignore Product Marketing

Marketing and Product Management should be best friends.

Without shared interests and mutual understanding, the product can take a different direction than the marketing message.

Organize workshops to share the cultures of both groups and build teams that benefit from cooperating.

26. Each Potential Customer Is Not As Valuable As The Next

Buying contact lists is a valid tactic but can result in low-value leads that end up wasting your time.

You must grow your email list organically. Invest in optimizing your website for SEO.

Create content relevant to your product with Google search in mind.

Attract prospects with SEO content for every stage of your funnel.

27. Study How Your Customer Use Your Product

Use tools to understand how customers and prospects navigate your site.

Conduct user research studies to identify any kind of friction while using your product.

Blindspots must be addressed with testing and more testing.

28. Simple Demand Generation Strategies You Can Implement Today

  • Create a sign-up form for your newsletter above the fold of your Homepage.
  • Install exit-intent pop-ups on your website with an irresistible lead magnet.
  • Offer a 15 minutes free consultation to the first 5 people who sign up for a paid trial.
  • Offer community-based discounts to groups in your niche.
  • Ask a customer for a testimony to add as social proof to your website.

29. Create A Buyer Persona For Every Stage Of Your Sales Funnel [Then Test Your Assumptions]

Usually, as a marketer, you are under the impression that you know your prospects exceptionally well.

Never assume. Test each of your buyer’s persona assumptions with interviews, usability tests, and specific landing pages. [1]

Then test a little more. If you’re targeting the wrong prospect based on faulty assumptions, you’re wasting your time.

30. Never Trust A Landing Page

A/B testing is your best friend. 

Use different landing pages based on location, company, age, anything.

Then regroup and test again.

A/B test everything. Any marginal improvement in conversion rates translates into a lot of extra money.

31. Double Check Your Lead Nurturing Program

Automation is beautiful but beware of automating something that doesn’t work as well as it used to. A/B test your sequences periodically. Prevent surprises.

32. Your Most Profitable Business Opportunities Generally Come from Existing Customers

Demand Generation Marketing is not all about attracting new customers. 

It’s also about identifying new opportunities with existing accounts.

Sales and Marketing must align their paths to identify these untapped revenue streams.

33. Use Alternative Platforms To Widen Your Marketing Funnel

  • Launch your product on Product Hunt or AppSumo.
  • Create a Medium Blog with Call To Actions to your products.
  • Answer questions relevant to your niche on Quora.
  • Interview experts and create perpetual webinars hosted on alternative platforms.

34. Recommended Tools For A Savvy Demand Generation Marketer

  • Todoist to never forget your next task.
  • SEMrush to understand search marketing.
  • Buzzsumo for social listening.
  • Unbounce to test multiple landing pages.
  • WordPress to launch your own blog and share your insights.
  • Airtable to manage databases with ease.
  • Fiverr and Upwork to hire virtual assistants.
  • Google Docs to share your work and receive helpful feedback.
  • Trello to organize your remote team.
  • Grammarly to avoid embarrassing surprises.

35. Launch An Online Course To Accelerate Your Demand Generation Campaign

Courses are incredible lead generators. 

You could launch an email-based course or use a platform to host your course.

Offer discounts to early purchases. Everyone loves a discounted course.

36. Design A Customer Journey That Makes Conducting Business With You A Pleasant Experience

Every interaction with your company leaves an impression on your customer. 

Either they are good, or they are wrong. In the customer’s mind, there is no room for a middle ground. 

Design pleasant experiences.

37. Supercharge Your Marketing Efforts With Live Chatbots

Chatbots can handle daily tasks such as answering questions and scheduling appointments to benefit prospects and customers 24 hours a day.

There’s no reason not to use them, considering they’re more affordable and accessible to implement than ever.

38. An Effective Demand Marketer Must Cultivate Productive Relationships Within Their Industry

  • Ensure that you are in contact with consultants in your niche.
  • Join associations in your industry.
  • Start an affiliate program.
  • Establish relationships with editors of blogs and local news sites for PR Campaigns.

39. Grow Your Audience By Leveraging on Influencers

Negotiate partnerships with influencers relevant to your product.

Share content to their audiences and borrow their email lists to reach fresh eyes.

40. Analyze Your Sales Cycle To Adjust Your Demand Gen Campaigns

Every product has its best-selling season.

You must align your demand generation campaigns with these positive flows.

Don’t work against your own sales cycle.

41. Experiment With Upcoming Social Media Marketing Channels

TikTok and Clubhouse are here to stay. B2B is always late to the party but always shows up.

Create thought leadership content adjusted to the culture of these new media.

42. Compare Your Marketing Campaigns

In demand generation marketing, you learn only by measuring and comparing.

It is crucial to understand what works and why to avoid getting caught up in the day-to-day inertia.

Analyze how one campaign compares to the other. 

Check which generated leads with higher ROI and which was more expensive. 

Learn, measure, learn again.

43. Produce Memorable Lead Magnets To Improve Your Conversion Rate

It is imperative to provide value in every interaction with the market; your lead magnets should be valuable and unique.

There is a great deal of general information on the internet. 

Lead magnets that aim to generate demand cannot be similar to 100 other blog posts we have already read.

44. Allow Readers To Download Your Blog Post As A Checklist or PDF

Everyone loves a helpful checklist.

Checklists and PDF summaries are great demand gen magnets.

45. Use Interactive Content To Reach a Wider Audience

Offer demos, seminars, and workshops to groups or companies.

A one-hour live Masterclass about a problem your prospects care about can generate tons of leads at a very affordable price.

45. Your Sales Pipeline Will Not Deliver Its Full Potential Without Cooperation

In my experience working in B2B Sales, Marketing, and Product Development teams, I have found excellence everywhere and misaligned objectives intrinsic to each role.

The highest-performing companies find a way to align diverse objectives to achieve results that benefit everyone.

A savvy Marketer deliberatively builds strong partnerships everywhere.

47. Strategy Is Daily Activity

Strategy is a fancy word for multiple repetitive tasks that work together to obtain the desired outcome.

Significant objectives must be divided into small series of tasks with direct people in charge of them. Ambiguity and lack of accountability ruin the best plans.

48. Not Everyone Is A Prospective Customer

It’s tough to say no to an opportunity as a marketer. I know this feeling well.

But disqualifying prospects is a crucial skill if you want to build a profitable funnel.

Every demand generation marketing effort should be aimed at a specific prospective customer that aligns with our buyer persona. 

Vague efforts attract vague results.

Wrap Up

This guide will continue growing as a testament to the constant evolution of Demand Generation Marketing.

Thank you for reading, and please share your ideas with me at [email protected].

Serg Valencia

Serg Valencia

Serg Valencia is a Longevity Ghostwriter and Master in Neuroscience empowering longevity pioneers to communicate their life-extending vision.

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