71 Saas Sales Tips: Tactical Guide For Saas Sales Reps [2021]

71 Tactical SaaS Sales Tips

SaaS sales is both an art and a science. 

It requires technical and organizational skills and high levels of grit and motivation.

The world is moving towards a digital economy where everything is sold as a service.

I have collected 71 tips you can implement today to increase your SaaS sales skills.

Start selling more today!

1. Build a Database Of Your Saas’s Best Sales Questions

Collect your company’s best sales questions. Classify them by categories: cold calls, discovery meetings, objections, and other interactions. Share them with every sales rep. 

2. Act as Saas Doctor Who Prescribes Solutions To Business Problems

See yourself as a helper. This will make you a person of value to everyone. 

Make this your favorite sales metric.

3. Be Unique: What Makes Your SaaS Company Different and Better?

You can’t be like everyone else. Revisit your value proposition. 

How do you make yourself stand out? Let your clients and prospects know.

4. Anticipate the Needs of Your Potential Customer

Are you familiar with the problems of your prospects?

Their bottlenecks? Brings solutions to the table from the very beginning.

5. A SaaS Sales Leader is Positive

Your attitude affects your churn rate. 

Sales demand positivity, or else you will burn yourself out.

6. Leverage Your Internal SaaS Sales Team

Repeatable success is essential. 

What strategies do your best salespeople employ? What type of questions do they ask?

Establish a standard for success.

7. Pivot Your Sales Model Like a Saas Business

Do not get caught up in what has worked in the past.

Continually test your assumptions. It is a changing world.

8. Ask Yourself Key Questions about Your Saas Sales Process

Always try to provide more value to current customers.

An improvement in the way you serve a single customer can impact your entire sales process.

9. The Best Sales Rep is An Active Listener

Do you think about what to say, or are you listening to your prospect?

Is your goal to sound witty or to understand your customer’s problem?

Every day, ask yourself these questions.

10. Your Sales Model Will Break If You Don’t Care About Your Customers

Buyers can tell when you only care about your numbers.

Revenue is tied to helping your customer succeed.

11. Adjust Your Saas Product To Your Customer’s World

There are probably hundreds of features in your product. That is excellent.

Could a single feature make life easier for your customers? 

In their industry. In their daily activities. 

Let them know in their terms how good your product is.

12. Your Most Important Sales Metric is Continous Learning

You can never know too much. 

You should always seek to learn more about your industry and your clients.

13. Tough Questions Fuel Revenue

It is difficult and uncomfortable questions that close the best sales.

14. The Best SaaS Salesperson Is Direct

If you are the best, let your prospects know.

If your product is not a good fit for the customer, say so as well. 

Transparency and directness increase sales.

15. Time in The Sales Cycle Must Be Used Efficiently

Don’t be busy for the sake of being busy. 

All tasks are not equal in value. 

What are your primary sources of revenue? Explore these activities and do more of them.

16. A Mindful Saas Rep Always Wins

Which bottlenecks do your customers and prospects face?

Their doubts and fears? It’s your job to know this. Keep a mindful attitude.

17. Recurring Revenue Is a Consequence of Thinking in Terms Of Priorities (Your Customer’s Priorities)

Routine can make us forget what’s important. 

Not everything you care about is what the customer cares about. 

Ask them about their priorities. These change, so ask constantly.

18. Your Sales Funnel Demands Action 

You must fall in love with action plans.

Always keep an eye on the next step. Encourage the next step.

Nothing happens if you don’t take action.

19. A Saas Sales Rep Is A Marathoner

You are in the partnership business.

You sell long-term relationships rather than running 100 meters races.

20. Buyers Are Conditioned To Ask For Discounts (Your Saas Sales Model Must Address This)

Buyers are compensated to get discounts.

You mustn’t sell based on price but rather on return on investment. 

Your product generates benefits to the customer. Sell value rather than price.

21. Identify Change (Your Churn Rate Will Thank You)

As your customers’ priorities change, so should yours. Evolve along with your customer.

22. Sales Professionals Must Master The Art Of Self-Motivation

Rejection is hard. SaaS sales include many sacrifices.

Is there anything that makes you happy? Consider doing more of this in your personal life.

Your sales will benefit from it.

23. Traditional Sales Tip: When in Doubt Ask for the Appointment

Schedule a 15 minutes discovery meeting. 

Sales are filled with surprises when you show up.

24. Act as a Sales Manager (Especially If You Are Not): Mention Tough Issues Yourself

You are a problem solver. Come with solutions. Bring the issues up yourself.

Customers will appreciate this.

25. Master Inside Sales By Writing Well

Inside sales require a lot of emails and other forms of written communication.

Ask others about the tone of your emails. Avoid negative surprises.

26. Shorten The Saas Sales Cycle By Talking To The Right Person

Identifying decision-makers is not always straightforward. Thus, you must ask.

To sell more, you will need to be selective with your time.

27. Saas Sales Require Precise Information (Your Customer Acquisition Cost Will Appreciate This)

Triple check your numbers. Nothing worse than a long-term unprofitable relationship.

28. Be A Star SaaS Sales Rep: Ask For Your Next Appointment During Your First Meeting

Do not allow them to escape. Before your first meeting ends, schedule your second meeting.

29. Your Saas Startup Is Unique: So Is Your Prospect!

Don’t presume to know everything about your prospect.

Gathering information requires humility, and humbleness fosters connections.

30. Sales Management is About Mutual Understanding

Make sure others understand you. 

You are in the middle of diverse corporate cultures.

It is your responsibility to translate their languages for everyone to understand.

31. Saas Selling Rule: Never Walk Away Without Asking For A Specific Action

Ambiguity kills sales.

Observe the world through the lens of action. Which one comes next? 

32. Resilience: A Crucial SaaS Sales KPI

SaaS sales take time. Sometimes months to close a deal.

Strengthen your resilience muscle by playing sports that are physically demanding.

33. Track Your Customer Acquisition Win Rates Religiously

Not knowing why things work makes standardizing success impossible.

Take a closer look at your successful sales. Identify patterns. Repeat as necessary.

34. Care About Your Existing Customers’ Success

All the tactics, tricks, or tips won’t work if you don’t care about your customer’s success.

Hint: their success is your success.

35. Enterprise Sales Revenue Depends On Tracking Topics Trending Around Your Prospects

SaaS Sales Reps are expected to be in the know. 

Monitor trending topics that are important to your prospects. 

Share market intelligence data with them. Be of value.

36. Keep An Eye On Your SaaS Sales Metrics (Constantly)

It’s easy to get caught up in busyness and lose our bearings.

Customer acquisition cost tends to change without letting us know.

37. Communicate Efficiently Your SaaS Solution

Your product must be perceived as a solution to a real need.

Not just a collection of features, but a solution to a business problem.

38. Three-Minute Pitch Of Your SaaS Product

The purpose of this task is to help you summarize.

The ability to synthesize is an essential sales skill. 

Summarization allows you to be understood.

39. Good Internal Communication Accelerates The Sales Cycle

Be an excellent communicator with your team. Explain how and why.

It is possible to block sales from within. Don’t let this happen.

40. SaaS Sales Compensation Is Correlated To Your Habits

Plan your day the night before. Organize your thoughts. 

Visualize your subsequent actions. Build routines according to your rhythms. [1]

41. Build An Efficient SaaS Sales Process By Leveraging On Prediligence 

Before your meetings, establish mutual agendas. Provide topics for discussion.

Think ahead and save time by anticipating what might happen.

42. Your SaaS Company Will Fail If You Don’t Appreciate People

Sales of SaaS products are long-term transactions that rely on good relationships.

Appreciate people and build partnerships along the way.

43. Don’t Leave Things Open for Interpretation (Or Your Revenue Will Suffer)

The customer must know what to expect from you.

Don’t leave room for misinterpretation. Unforced errors cost organizations money.

44. Learn the Seasons of Your Saas Sales Cycle

Every industry has seasons. SaaS is not an exception.

Find out what time of year your company sells the most. 

Consider what promotional activities, advertising expenses, and other demand generation activities occur before sales peak. 

Develop sales experiments based on your findings.

45. Plant Your SaaS Product Inside Your Prospect’s Head

Some of your prospects won’t be ready to buy at this time.

It’s your job to cultivate these prospects along their journey.

At each stage of awareness, you must plant seeds of your product’s benefits.

46. Rehearse Inside Sales Scripts And Other Materials

SaaS selling demands a degree of naturalness that can only be achieved through practice.

47. Always Learn About What is Working in Your Sales Organization

Take advantage of your organization’s expertise. 

Learn from your whole team. Be receptive to feedback.

48. A SaaS Salesperson Of Excellence Reviews Their Conversations With Customer

Listens to the recording of your interactions with customers at each stage of the sales funnel.

What can you do to improve the way you respond to customers?

Are pauses your best friend, or do you babble non-stop?

49. Outsource Your Memory (If You Want Monthly Recurring Revenue)

Find the way to remember dates, promises, tasks. 

Use an app or take notes. Don’t let your future slip through the cracks.

50. Manage Your Sales Funnel Like This Month Is Not The Last Ever

Your future is at risk if you only consider your sales quota for this month.

Nurture leads in every stage of your pipeline to guarantee better sleep at night.

51. Ignore Your Company’s Saas Sales Model: Learn Everything You Can About Your Product

Don’t be just the middle person. 

Be passionate about your product. Selling without passion is tricky.

52. Are You Being Clear?

Customers don’t inhabit our private worlds filled with inside practices and terminologies.

Communicate with them on their terms.

53. Discuss Your Wins And Losses With Your SaaS Sales Team

Discuss with your team what is working well and what could be improved.

Good communication is a habit every salesperson needs to develop.

54. Be A Salesperson Who Keeps Their Promises

Be sure to review your commitments regularly. 

What makes you break your promises? 

Make sure your promises are in line with reality.

55. Enterprise Sales Requires More Than Just Charisma Or Persuasion Skills

SaaS vendors should project a sense of trust.

It is not enough to simply recite a script. 

Listen to your calls with your manager. 

Being coachable is an attitude that makes you money.

56. Connect Your SaaS Product To Success Stories

Do not recite a lengthy list of features to your prospects.

Connect your product’s characteristics to a benefit that relates to the prospect’s business.

Relevant success stories sell.

57. Negotiate SaaS Partnerships Not Discounts

Negotiate long-term relationships, not monthly discounts.

58. Check-in With Your Customers On Meeting Their Goals 

Don’t make any assumptions. Make sure that expectations are being met.

59. Sales Professionals Must Fall In Love With Making Lists

We’re wired to follow logical steps in list form.

By categorizing sales tasks in actions to follow, you will be more efficient.

60. If You Don’t Reply Quickly, The Transactional Sales Model Can Backfire

Reply fast to emails, demos, trials, and any customer request.

Automation is great, but quick responses to issues are better.

61. Always Double-Check Your Tone

There is often a difference between what we want to say and how we say it.

Proactively request feedback on your tone in proposals, phone calls, and emails.

Your tone can ruin a deal. 

62. Create Urgency With Your Prospects

Many deals do not go through because they do not seem necessary.

The art of sales is to generate urgency to solve an issue today with your product.

63. Unleash Your Creativity When Following-Up

Send a postcard or a short explainer video. 

Use every communication channel to differentiate yourself.

64. Identify Non-Buying Signs In Prospects 

Constant rescheduling or abrupt endings to conversations are non-buying signs.

Spend more time nurturing warmer leads.

65. Be a Proactive Problem Solver

Never bring an excuse to a problem. 

Bring solutions and plans to mitigate any issue that may arise.

66. You Are Not A Mere SaaS Provider: You Are a Partner

Sleep with an open eye looking for new opportunities for mutual benefit.

Make sure you do more than sending mindless emails, build a relationship with your customer.

67. Conduct Internal Workshops That Aim To Reduce Your Customer Workload

Time-saving products are always in high demand.

These are the benefits you should look for intentionally.

Gather ideas from other areas and implement the best ones.

68. Never Talk About Your Sales Quota or Your Sales Compensation Plans With Your Customer!

It hurts your credibility as a seller. Don’t do it.

69. Your SaaS Sales Success Depends On Your Ability to Motivate Others

If you can’t motivate yourself and others to take action, you’re in the wrong place.

70. Ensure Your Customers Know That They Have A Voice

Your customer uses your SaaS product to solve a particular issue that is important to them.

Their feedback is crucial for the successful evolution of your product.

71. Curiosity Makes You A Better Sales Rep

You should be curious about your successes and failures. 

About your customers, about your market. 

Great salespeople always want to know more.

Wrap Up

I intend to continue sharing tips and make this guide grow.

If you would like to share more tips with me, please contact me.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this.

What Is Saas?

SaaS means software as a service. Hosting, management, and security are all handled by a single provider. Customers can access the application online, customize it quickly, and meet their needs by the provider’s product engineers and customer success team.

What Is SaaS Sales?

SaaS sales is the process and method of selling software online. It replaces the physical selling of computer programs and relies entirely on a web-based distribution. 

What Is the SaaS Sales Process?

The SaaS sales process is the path that companies must transit to sell software as a service. In general, these are the steps required to acquire a new client.

As software is a significant purchase for most businesses, the SaaS sales process tends to be longer than other products that do not require long-term commitments or complex implementation.

What Is a SaaS Sales Funnel?

The SaaS Sales funnel measures the stage of awareness of prospects and customers.

Essentially, it refers to their level of knowledge about your product, from knowing nothing about your product to raving fans.

A funnel serves as a model for creating different business strategies based on prospects and their location in the funnel.

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